The Honey Peach Affair

A social drink with Britain’s hottest adult entertainment star is the starting point for the biggest adventure of film reviewer Bruce Baker’s life. When her sister asks for his help in investigating the star’s disappearance, law-abiding Bruce chalks up a charge sheet worthy of a career criminal during his encounters with the unscrupulous and the fearsome – while dealing with a disagreeable boss who is looking for an excuse to sack him.

HP_D_COVERSharing his journey is a virtuous anti-porn campaigner, whose cause Bruce inadvertently elevates to national prominence, and it culminates in Bruce sitting on one of the biggest stories any journalist could ever hope to uncover.

But he doesn’t want to write it.

The Honey Peach Affair is a murder mystery set in the UK adult industry of 2003. It’s not an expose, it’s not autobiographical and it’s certainly not erotica.

What it is, the author hopes, is an enjoyable excursion into a world that has changed beyond all recognition in the last decade or so, in the company of characters you’ll grow to like. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but what is?

It is available from Amazon UK, and other Amazon platforms worldwide in ebook (£1.99) and paperback (£7.99).


Comments from initial Amazon reviews include:

“A very British unlikely hero in this enjoyable romp…”

“A quirky mystery that makes for a great summer read…”

“An enjoyable ride to an unpredictable ending…”

“Highly amusing yet intricately weaved romp…”

“It’s refreshing to find a forty-something primary character that you can thoroughly relate to…”


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