About Me

Me, today.

I realised I would probably end up as a writer when I was the only boy in my secondary school year who chose Shorthand and Typing as a subject. You can just imagine what it was like being surrounded by all those girls every week… That’s right, they totally ignored me.

I’ve been writing professionally since the 1980s, mostly about the world of computer games, but in 2003 I crossed into the adult sector. I still play computer games though, and I blame the developers of Mario Kart and Football Manager for the enormous gestation period of my first novel.

The Honey Peach Affair, is a murder mystery which is set in the UK adult entertainment industry of 2003. Not coincidentally, that was when I first began writing about the sector, as editor of B2B publication Erotic Trade Only (ETO), where you can still find me most days.

The Honey Peach Affair was published in May 2015 and it is available on Amazon platforms worldwide in ebook and paperback.

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